Can you describe your support for charter schools and school choice? And how they compare to neighborhood schools?


I am in favor of public school choice, where public dollars fund public schools. Given this investment by our taxpayers, public accountability is essential. Public school choice includes charters. In contrast, I do not support private school choice, and I feel very strongly about that. Private school choice means using public tax dollars to fund private school options. We need to keep public tax dollars in our public schools. Douglas County has 91 schools – those 91 schools (charter, magnet and neighborhood schools) are our schools. We need to embrace all our schools and make sure that we are using our resources efficiently to serve all 68,000 kids in those 91 schools.

Another point worth mentioning is that both charter and neighborhood schools are harmed when there are inefficiencies as resources are not maximized to benefit all our schools. Prior boards (2009-2017) often approved charters without consideration of an area’s local needs or efficient use of taxpayer dollars. As a result, DCSD currently has over- and underutilized schools resulting in the current need for district-wide school capacity and boundary analysis.

  • Susan Meek
    published this page in Let's Talk 2019-09-25 20:30:42 -0600