How do you feel about school budget cuts and making choices

Kantan asked, "How do you feel about school budget cuts and the choice between Athletics vs Music/Arts?"



Thank you for contacting me.  Regarding your question, I would like to see an increase in DCSD's funding, both locally and state-wide. I have been advocating for this for years at my full-time job.  

Unfortunately, difficult decisions do have to be made when there are funding shortages. I do not think one area (Athletics, Music, Band, Theatre, etc.) should have to sustain more cuts than another area.  All of these areas are important to our students, staff, and community. 

Also worth mentioning, I was able to spend time yesterday at ThunderRidge High School talking to several different classes and this topic was one that was brought up repeatedly. In addition to mentioning the need to advocate for more school funding, I pointed out that each school has a School Accountability Committee where funding priorities are discussed. I encouraged students to be engaged in that process and make sure their voices are heard during this important process.

I hope you are able to attend the student-led forum at Ponderosa High School on 10/21.

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