Susan is a leader who combines realism with a deep commitment to the following values as a way to support and advance Douglas County schools.


What is the value of community? Our community is central to our quality of life. It provides us a sense of belonging and connectedness. Not only is our community made up of our family, friends and neighbors, but it consists of all who attend, work in and support our Douglas County School District. When we choose to embrace all Douglas County schools as part of our family, we are moving from a district of schools to a school district that values community.

Safe and Welcoming Schools

In order to have teaching and learning environments that support student achievement, we must have safe and welcoming schools. Two committees formed to address mental health needs and physical safety in Douglas County schools reported that: Consistency and collaboration are key in tackling solutions to school violence. In working with school districts across the state, it is clear that promoting mental wellness, ending stigma, ensuring equitable access to mental health and substance use services and working collaboratively with law enforcement experts needs to be a top priority.

Innovation and Opportunity for All

Our teaching and learning environments must have stability if we are to innovate and provide opportunities. Teacher recruitment and retention is vital to creating a stable learning environment. Teachers and educators have the ability to dramatically change the trajectory of learning and success for our students. We need to have unwavering commitment to: providing opportunities for all, erasing achievement gaps and creating a ready workforce. We, as a community, cannot lose focus on the intrinsic value of serving all kids. We must create cross-sector partnerships involving education, job training and postsecondary pathway programs to allow our students to reach their dreams and aspirations. 


Accountability is a key value and will help build trust among students, teachers, parents and the public. By developing accountability to measure and communicate how well the school district’s vision is being accomplished, we are able to engage the community in the vital work of Douglas County School District.

Student Achievement

All students deserve to graduate prepared for meaningful postsecondary opportunities, whether that means continuing their education, beginning their career in the workplace or the military. In order to do so, all students must have equitable access to a Douglas County public school that promotes growth in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs and builds on their strengths.