What can be done to enhance security at district schools?

Colorado Community Media asks, "What can be done to enhance security at district schools?"


Student safety weighs on all of us. When I worked in the district, I was part of the District Crisis Team. That work was the most heart-wrenching and grueling work I did in the district. It also was some of the most important work to help the students, teachers, families and community heal after tragedies. 


  • Identify and act on warning signs
    • Bystander response & reporting – train on warning signs and how to report
    • Share information – develop systems
    • Threat assessment & management – ensure a trained, multidisciplinary team 



  • Create & maintain a positive school climate
    • Safety, respect and emotional support in schools
    • Physical and emotional safety; bonding to school; fair and consistent discipline; respectful and supportive relationships; systems for addressing safety concerns; respect for diversity; youth involvement/engagement



  • Focus on addressing the root causes of youth violence
    • Intervention and prevention


Nothing is more important than the safety of each and every student in Douglas County School District. No single step results in school safety. School safety comes from a comprehensive and multifaceted approach that must involve stakeholder engagement. 

We need to listen to the experts in the field and honor the research-based practices recommended by the experts. There is a comprehensive safety plan in the District and our focus should be on working the plan – a plan is only as good as the implementation of that plan. 

  • Susan Meek for Dcsd
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